Taekwondo Seminar with Master V. Alexandris 8th Deg ITF

Very proud to have Master Vasilis Alexandris here with us again, this time to give a seminar.
And so its finished allready…
I think we can say we had a wonderfull weekend with great lessons from Master Vasilis Alexandris !! And even more important , we had a fantastic time with Taekwon-do family and friends.. regardless from where.

A big thanks to the master, Mike Mouratidis and Giannis Kamberis. To come over so last minute, and give us such a good time. and thanks to all the people that took the effort to come and join this great experience. from the clubs Hwarang Steenokkerzeel ITF, ITF Do-San Tervuren, Taekwon-do club Gent, Po Eun, Taekwon-Do Chung-Mu Amsterdam, Taekwon-Do Kkamagwi, Tjamie sports, Graziella Idili, Thomas Weiss,Lena Rottmann, Peter Sanders, Mouloud Nait-ali,

Untill we meet again


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