Uitslag Brotherhood Tournament (ITL)

Leuke afsluiting van het seizoen, Milton Hasselnooken Jamil Chami bedankt voor de leuke en sportieve dag.
Uitslag BITA deelnemers
Ilona Bruls 3e Tul en 1e Sparren
Ryleigh Helms 3e Tul en 3e Sparren
Ayman Zemouri 1e Tul en 1e Sparren

Steven Meijer 2e Tul
Aeron Au-yeung 1e Sparren
Calvin Griffioen 1e Sparren
Thijmen Visser 2e Sparren

Andrea Berry 2e Tul
Brandon Berry 2e Sparren
Luis Arend Sanchez 2e Sparren

Taekwondo Seminar with Master V. Alexandris 8th Deg ITF

Very proud to have Master Vasilis Alexandris here with us again, this time to give a seminar.
And so its finished allready…
I think we can say we had a wonderfull weekend with great lessons from Master Vasilis Alexandris !! And even more important , we had a fantastic time with Taekwon-do family and friends.. regardless from where.

A big thanks to the master, Mike Mouratidis and Giannis Kamberis. To come over so last minute, and give us such a good time. and thanks to all the people that took the effort to come and join this great experience. from the clubs Hwarang Steenokkerzeel ITF, ITF Do-San Tervuren, Taekwon-do club Gent, Po Eun, Taekwon-Do Chung-Mu Amsterdam, Taekwon-Do Kkamagwi, Tjamie sports, Graziella Idili, Thomas Weiss,Lena Rottmann, Peter Sanders, Mouloud Nait-ali,

Untill we meet again


13122986_1120443184664218_6810776544758939712_o Master Vasilis   12936501_1101126089929261_3898333258869538667_n

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Belgische Kampioenschappen 2015 : De winnaars

Hier zijn ze dan, de eindresultaten van de Belgische Kampioenschappen 2015, Perwez, Steenokkerzeel en Gent;

De kampioenen in de verschillende klasses zijn;

Tul Mixte Club Name
J_B Wit Hwarang Wybe Dirkx
JJB Geel Koryo Yassine El Bakkali
JMB Geel Hwarang Jill Hermans
JJB Groen Hwarang Mathias Vanpee
JMB Groen Po Eun Rosalie Roufosse
JJA Blauw Hwarang Matthias Olbrechts
J_A Rood Hwarang Chloe Bienfaissant
JJA 1e Dan Choong Moo Julien Duchesne

JHB Wit HwaRang Fons Rooselaars
JDB Wit HwaRang Megan Pools
J_B Geel Do San Ferre Trappeniers
JHA Groen Po Eun Dylan Dorpe
JHA Blauw Choong Moo Gabriel Verbois
Hwarang Sam Fournier
J_A 2e Dan HwaRang Ilona Bruls

S_B Wit TKD Gent Viktoria Gorbnova
S_B Geel Hwarang Jill Fournier
SHB Groen TKD Gent Sebastien Grandsart
Joong Gun Jean Philippe De Greff
SHA Rood TKD Gent Aksan Myumyunov
SHA 1e Dan Chung Mu Steven Meijer
SDA 2e Dan TKD Gent Amber Dellaert

Sparring L/W Club Name

JJB -130 Hwarang Mathias Vanpee
JJB -140 Hwarang Ayman Zemouri
JJB -150 TKD Gent Deniz Capa
Chung Mu Thijmen Visser
JJB -160 Koryo Younes El Bakkali
JJB -170 Chung Mu Calvin Griffioen
JJB +170 Koryo Yassine El Bakkali
JMB -140 Po Eun Rosalie Roufosse
JMB -150 Koryo Salma Ourahhou
JMB -160 Chung Mu Melissa Liska
JJA -150 Hwarang Matthias Olbrechts
JJA -170 Hwarang Caelan Helms

JHB -55 Po Eun Dylan Dorpe
JHB +55 Do San Ferre Trappeniers
JHB -75 Koryo Arno Janssens
JHA -55 Do San Wouter Poppelsdorf
JHA -64 Chung Mu Manolito Nowak
JHA -71 Hwarang Gabriel Verbois
Choong Moo Sam Fournier

SDB -63 Hwarang Jill Fournier
SHB -65 HwaRang Bert Vanpee
SHB -71 Hwarang Fons Rooselaers
SHB -85 Joong Gun Jean Philippe De Greff
SHA -64 Do San Jorn De Saedeleer
SHA -71 TKD Gent Akshan Myumyunov
SHA -85 Do San Luis Arend Sanchez
SHA +85 Hwarang Dimitrios Pavlidis
SDA HwaRang Ilona Bruls

De certificaten zullen 24 April op het 1e deel BK 2016 in Floreffe worden uitegreikt !!!

Resultaten Open Zeeuwse 2016 te Middelburg

Met 37 deelnemers van de BITA vandaag op de open Zeeuwse in Middelburg. Door onervaring achter de tafels en op’t veld liep ‘t niet allemaal even soepel, maar we hebben toch een super prestatie neergezet. Met deelnemers van 5 scholen, 4 scheidsrechters en coaches en supporters waren we 1 team !! Totaal uitslag 10x 1e, 15x 2e en 12x 3e

Bedankt iedereen!

Results Open Dutch 2016


Ryleigh en Bert 2e
Caelan 3e


Yassine en Konsti 1e
Calvin 2e
Ilona en Bert 3e
Ook Luis , Steven, Fatima, Ayman, en Younes super goeie inzet.!

Scheidsrechters Michael en Pieter bedankt en ook alle coaches en supporters op deze lange dag.

Flanders Fields 2015, 22 November, Tervuren Belgium.

Dear SGM, GM, Masters, Instructors

Allow me to invite you to the Flanders Fields 2015 Competition.

In Attachment

· You can find the invitation form.  FlandersFields2015
· The Manual Inscription Form 2015 Flanders Fields entry form

You can also use the electronic Inscription from

· Flanders Fields 2015 Inscription Form http://goo.gl/forms/eb3KVvIUHH

Subscribe before 8th November via belgium_itf@Hotmail.be
If you in need of hotel information, please contact us.

with kind regards
Pascal Raeijmaekers
President Belgium
0032 475 90 25 13

IIC 2015 with Sr. Grandmaster Prof. KIM UNG CHOL (New Location !!)

Eleven countries have confirmed : Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece, Czech Republic, Scotland, Wales, England, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Belgium. Two other countries have taken an option: Pakistan, Nepal

Due to the success of the subscriptions we changed location, still in Tervuren. Sporthal De Steenberg, Spechtlaan 8, 3080 Tervuren.

On Friday, we would like to give you the opportunity to eat a Belgian meal. Mussels with fries, or beefsteak with fries.

On Saturday we invite you to get to know downtown Brussels. Such as grand market and Manneken Pis, Again you can find lots of restaurants. You can enjoy good food in Rue des Bouchers. Slightly more expensive but really worth it.

We would like to ask each participant or team members, to bring a flag of their country on the IIC of SGM KIM