Greece 2017

Very long journey, arriving after 22:00. But already on the training field at 08:00 the next morning for day 1 of  the Greece 2017 summer training camp with Master Vasilis.

1st day morning course, fundamental mouvements; evening course was about sparring techniques.

2nd day morning course, Tuls, and evening course parring techniques again :).


Taekwondo Seminar with Master V. Alexandris 8th Deg ITF

Very proud to have Master Vasilis Alexandris here with us again, this time to give a seminar.
And so its finished allready…
I think we can say we had a wonderfull weekend with great lessons from Master Vasilis Alexandris !! And even more important , we had a fantastic time with Taekwon-do family and friends.. regardless from where.

A big thanks to the master, Mike Mouratidis and Giannis Kamberis. To come over so last minute, and give us such a good time. and thanks to all the people that took the effort to come and join this great experience. from the clubs Hwarang Steenokkerzeel ITF, ITF Do-San Tervuren, Taekwon-do club Gent, Po Eun, Taekwon-Do Chung-Mu Amsterdam, Taekwon-Do Kkamagwi, Tjamie sports, Graziella Idili, Thomas Weiss,Lena Rottmann, Peter Sanders, Mouloud Nait-ali,

Untill we meet again


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Scheidsrechteropleiding D tot en met B+

Wedstrijd Organisatie Commissie DNMAA – De Scheidsrechters Commissie organiseert op zaterdag 26 september 2015 een scheidsrechteropleiding  D tot en met B+ te Barneveld Martial Arts Academie in Barneveld .

Deze opleidingen zijn bedoeld voor federaties, bonden, scholen, leden en geïnteresseerden binnen de Taekwon-Do wereld die verlegen zitten om scheidsrechters en met name bij de open toernooien. Ook voor hen die een start of doorstart nodig hebben van scheidsrechters van hun organisaties/federaties is mogelijk. Dit kan nu onder de deskundige leiding van de DNMAA die open staat voor alle Taekwon-Do en niet Taekwon-Do liefhebbers die scheidsrechters willen worden.
De mogelijkheden voor anderen dan Taekwon-Do beoefenaars is bij de DNMAA mogelijk en geeft Taekwon-Do scholen de mogelijkheid om meer scheidsrechters op te leiden en in te zetten tijdens wedstrijden.
Voor nationale en internationale wedstrijden zijn scheidsrechter nodig met een licentie van die organisatie al zijn er vele wedstrijden waar ook met deze licentie gewerkt kan worden. Een waardevolle opleiding dus voor velen en een startpunt van een mogelijke scheidsrechter carrière in de Taekwon-Do wereld.

Het uitgangspunt van de DNMAA scheidsrechtersopleiding is kwalitatief hoogstaande scheidsrechters opleiden die op een rechtvaardige, veilige en respectvolle wijze met de sporters en haar omgeving weten om te gaan.

Meer info in bijlage :


Inschrijvingsformulier D en B DNMAA Scheidsrechtersopleiding definitief

Introduction ITL in the Netherlands-Belgium 2015

Dear ITF Taekwon-Do instructors and competitors,

…With great pleasure we inform you that in 2015 there will be a leaquesystem in the competition of ITF Taekwon-Do in the Netherlands and Belgium again! Competitiors will get the opportunity to collect points at the competitions involved in ITL to decide at the end of the year who has been the best competitor in it’s division.

The main purpose is to provide the opportunity for competitors an arena were they can compete at a reasonable entree fee in a safe, pleasant and comfortable way.

During a meeting at 10 januari 2015 in Barneveld the Netherlands there has been a Board of Directors installed with a secretary-general who will provide the necessary platform for this formula.

With pleasure we present to you the chosen logo which stand for IT (International Taekwon-Do) and L for the League instead of the Federation. We are open for all ITF Taekwon-Do practitioners no matter what organisation they prever! This is all about the competitors!

For any organizer from outside the Netherlands-Belgium who wants to attract competitors and wants to join the ITL can get in contact with the ITL and we will provide you the necessary information.

The first ITL competition will be at Sunday 29th March 2015 in Barneveld, the All ITF Taekwon-Do Cup. Be there!

For any people competing during 2003-2010 in the Netherlands will see a lot of simularities with the PROMAT formula in this period. One of the founders have been asked many times to provide another platform in this way. With the experience from the past we full fill these wishes and hope everybody will enjoy!

Hope to see you at a ITL competition soon!

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Harry van Schaik “Active and Involved”

Extra Trainingen @ Choong Moo Namur

Choong Moo, Namur, organises 9 extra trainingen in 2014-2015.

From 9h till 10h15 for white -> green belts.

From 10h15 till 11h30 for blue -> black belts.

When : On Saturday 06/09/2014, 04/10/2014, 15/11/2014, 13/12/2014, 24/01/2015, 07/02/2015, 07/03/2015, 04/04/2015, 30/05/2015.

Where :  centre sportif de Temploux : Route de Spy, 2 ; 5020 (Near the cemetery).

IIC & Black belt grading in Dublin, Ireland

Last weekend Dana Stokhof, Pascal Raeijmaekers and Samuel Gerard went to the International Instructors Course conducted by Senior Grand Master Kim Ung Chol. After three days of hard practice Pascal and Samuel succeeded in their dan grading. Sabum Pascal is now 5e dan and Sabum Samuel became 4e dan.

Pictures can be found on Facebook.