Zomer 2017 training

Trainingschema tijdens de zomer alsvolgt;

Maandagen: 10, 17, 24  juli –  14, 21 en 28 Augustus

18u – 20u Voor gekleurde gordels

20u – 22u Voor Zwarte gordels

Vrijdagen: 7, 14 en 28 Juli – 11, 18 en 25 Augustus

18u – 20u Voor gekleurde gordels

20u – 22u Voor Zwarte gordels

Flanders Fields 2015, 22 November, Tervuren Belgium.

Dear SGM, GM, Masters, Instructors

Allow me to invite you to the Flanders Fields 2015 Competition.

In Attachment

· You can find the invitation form.  FlandersFields2015
· The Manual Inscription Form 2015 Flanders Fields entry form

You can also use the electronic Inscription from

· Flanders Fields 2015 Inscription Form http://goo.gl/forms/eb3KVvIUHH

Subscribe before 8th November via belgium_itf@Hotmail.be
If you in need of hotel information, please contact us.

with kind regards
Pascal Raeijmaekers
President Belgium
0032 475 90 25 13

IIC 2015 with Sr. Grandmaster Prof. KIM UNG CHOL (New Location !!)

Eleven countries have confirmed : Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece, Czech Republic, Scotland, Wales, England, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Belgium. Two other countries have taken an option: Pakistan, Nepal

Due to the success of the subscriptions we changed location, still in Tervuren. Sporthal De Steenberg, Spechtlaan 8, 3080 Tervuren.

On Friday, we would like to give you the opportunity to eat a Belgian meal. Mussels with fries, or beefsteak with fries.

On Saturday we invite you to get to know downtown Brussels. Such as grand market and Manneken Pis, Again you can find lots of restaurants. You can enjoy good food in Rue des Bouchers. Slightly more expensive but really worth it.

We would like to ask each participant or team members, to bring a flag of their country on the IIC of SGM KIM

Day of Taekwondo 2015

A fun day for all clubs to work together and allowing then to get to know each other.

Morning: 25th April 2015 from 10.00-12.00
Afternoon: 25th April 2015 from 14.00-17.00
Morning: Wall Climbing, Archery, Fit-o-meter (they will provide monitors)
Afternoon: Several different aspects of Taekwondo ITF. (we all will provide instructors)
Bloso-domein Hofstade
Tervuursesteenweg z/n
1981 Hofstade
Sport Hall Hertblock
1820 Steenokkerzeel
sports clothes, running shoes, rain clothes
soap, towel (possibility to wash yourself) dry clothing
Lunch break
Bring your own food.
We will offer you 1 drink.
For the members : Dobok, feet and hand protections (standard tkd material)
For the club owners:  some kickshields.
After the activity in the morning you have the possibility to wash yourself in the sports domain.
A drink will be offered by the organisation in the sports hall At Steenokkerzeel.

More info :

Open Haaglanden 2014

Results Open Haaglanden 2014


Calvin G 3e
Matthias V 2e
Konsti D 3e
Jill H 1e
Lisa V 1e
Mathias S 2e

Specials – Long jump

Lisa V 1e


Bert V 1e
Mathias V 2e
Jill V 2e
Ayman Z 1e
Caelan H 1e

Well done Ryleigh, Ilhan, Bas, Quincy, Fatima unfortunately no medals.