UK Open 2011

From friday 11/11 till sunday 13/11 , Belgian ITF Taekwon-Do Association travelled to Surrey to participate to the UK Open organised by the UKTA
We were welcomed by the Cools ‘s family who leaves since 2 years in Dorking
We had a nice stay at the Travelodge hotel which was very close to the Cools ‘s Cottage

There were more than 400 participants at the competition.
The level of competitors was very high , the referees were judging correctly and the competition was well organized
We were very pleased to be present at such a big event and have had the opportunity
to meet First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, Senior Master Prewett, Senior Master Miller, Master Whitely and many more masters and sabum’s.

Sabum Pascal selected 10 students for The Belgian delegation
In total , we went back home with 16 medals : 5 gold -6 silver and 5 brons

Tuls :
Pauline : 2 dan ladies: Brons
Kate : 1 dan ladies : Silver
Anthony : 1 dan boys : Brons
Alison : 1 dan dames : Brons
Tom : blue belts – boys : Brons
Amber : green belts girls : Brons
Robbe : green belts boys : Silver
Leen : yellow belts girls en boys : Gold

Sparring :

Anthony : boys black belts : Silver
Ilona : girls black belts till 155cms : Silver
Dylan: boys black belts -58k : Gold
Tom : boys blue belts : Silver
Leen : girls -58k yellow belts : Silver
Amber : girls yelow belts : Gold
Alison : junior ladies 16-17j +64k : Gold
Kate : junior ladies 16-17j -58k : Gold

Cedric who was registered under his club “Surrey Hills” won 2 times the Gold medal !

We would like to thank the coaches Pascal, Pauline and Geert , Kristel as referee and all our belgian supporters :
Ann, Peter, Chris, Anita, Eric, Kristel, Yves , Pamela , Bart and Steven

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