Three tournaments in the Netherlands during the Easter holidays

Hwarang School went to three tournaments in The Netherlands during the Easter holidays.

The first tournament on March 31, was ALL-ITF Taekwon-do Cup in Houten. This competition is only for A-class juniors (13-17 year old), seniors (18-35 years old) and veteran (35+ years).

Here are the results : 6 gold medals.

Pauline, Tul 2nd DAN Junior, 1st Place
Dylan, Tul 1st DAN, Junoir, 1st Place
Alison, Sparring Junior, 1st Place,
Kate, Sparring Junior, 1st Place,
TeamTul, 1st Place,
TeamSparring Ladies, 1st Place.

Also very good work from Anthony, Tom, Jihane winning several rounds.

The second tournament on April 7 was Open Taekyon, organised by Taekyon Berghem in Oss. The results are : 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal.

Robbe, youth male -37kg, silver
Kjell, youth male -37kg, bronze
Chloé, youth female -35kg, gold
Sam F, junior, -63kg, gold
Alison, senior, +63kg, gold (on her 18th birthday, 1st day as a senior)

Also very good work from Caelan, Ilona and Amber.

The third and last tournament on April 14th was Open Delft, 260 competitors. The results are : 4 Gold, 5 Silver and 2 Bronze

Ilona – Silver
Chloé – Silver
Sam F – Gold
Ali – Gold
Bart – Gold
Kate – Silver

Ilona – Bronze
Sam F – Silver
Ali – Gold
Bart – Silver
Kate – Bronze

Kate won Gold in Teamsparring Senior Female in a mixed Dutch/Belgian Team.

Kate, Ilona and Amber won Silver in Teamsparring a mixed Youth-Junior-Senior Female team.

Also very good work from Joey, Sam, Caelan, Ryleigh, Kelly, Alexander and Robbe.

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