Open Delft International 2012

The Belgian ITF Taekwon-Do Association was in Delft (NL) to participate in the Open Delft International.
There were over 320 participants.

Results : In total 13 medals: 9 gold and 4 silver


Pauline: 2 DAN Junior Ladies: Gold
Alison: 1 DAN Junior Ladies: Gold
Kate: 1 DAN Junior Ladies: silver
Ilona: 1 DAN girls: Gold
Anthony: 1 DAN boys: Gold
Dylan; 1 DAN juniors; Gold
Sam: blue and red belts Juniors: Gold
Leen: yellow belts Junior Ladies: silver
Gregory: yellow belt boys: Gold


Alison: blue to black belts junior women’s 15-17j +60 k: Gold
Kate: blue to black belts junior ladies 15-17j-60k: Gold
Dylan: blue to black belts junior boys-58k: silver
Sergey: blue to black belts seniors -80k: silver

Once again, we won the “Overall Champion” award
We want the coaches Pascal, Pauline and Henri, Kristel and Geert also as a referee and fans
Chris, Eric, Steven, Olivier and Chantal for their support and commitment!

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