First Flanders Fields was a succes

For the first time in many years!
There is again another tournament in Belgium, which is open for other countries.

This tournament is organized by the Belgian ITF Taekwon-Do Association and is called “Flanders Fields”.
Named after famous poem about the First World War in the “Fields of Flanders”.

This first version of the tournament was a “test case” where we, as an organization, have looked at the
feasibility of such a tournament.

Thanks to the smooth cooperation with the municipality Steenokkerzeel we have obtained all the material.
(nadars, chairs, tables, etc.).
We had enough material to work on 6 fields (such as timers, scoreboards, counters, sticks).
We can also proudly say that this tournament was a great success in all areas.

The hall was open from 08.30hr and indeed at 08.30, the first clubs already arrived.

After the coach and umpire meeting we started. There were enough referees for all fields.

The tournament started with tul.
The pools in tul were not big so we have always worked with semifinals system (Round Robin).

Just before lunch we had the part TeamTul, with as many as 8 teams from different clubs. Worth repeating.

After lunch the part sparring started, here again there were several pools with the semifinals principle.

The day went smoothly, the helpers have learned a lot, the participants were happy, in short: a successful test.

Now we already started with the preparation of the next Flanders Fields on May 05, 2013.

See You all there

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